Nolia Harp

Cab Ride by Nolia Harp

Cab Ride

Introvert, Cora Tinsley, has her own secrets. But they are pale in comparison to CJ Haskell’s mysterious past. CJ, America’s favorite actor, is sexy, rich, famous, and oh-so-unattainable… or is he? When an unexpected encounter brings the two face-to-face, it leads them on a ride of scandal, mistakes and ultimately love.

Cora Tinsley stives for perfection, in her work life as the director of The Pink House Art Gallery in the art district of New York City. She strives for perfection in her appearance, her black business attire with her sleek salon blowouts. But the one thing she cannot perfect, the one thing she cannot control are her debilitating episodes of pain which have plagued her for the last ten years. Their cause? Unknown. How to stop them? Even more unknown.

Not only have these episodes caused her to drastically limit her social life and circle of friends, but it has kept her from a secret desire to fall in love. After she reluctantly agrees to her two best and only friends, who won’t take no for an answer, to go on a blind date with a famous actor’s son, it throws her down the road of a life-changing ride which opens her heart to her deepest desires.

Cab Ride by Nolia Harp

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Reader Reviews

Intriguing and engaging!

Ms. Harp did a great job on her first novel! It kept me engaged and wondering how it will end – you think you know then there’s another twist. Love how the characters are intertwined throughout the story. Good character development- you don’t feel like you barely know them, you feel their depth and see them in your mind as you read. Well worth the read!

Southern Spice 

I really loved this book! The style of writing was fun, light hearted with some southern sass. The phrases and music associations reminded me of my grandparents, really transporting you to the time intended. This was an easy reading book that still had me guessing til the very end. Can’t wait to see what Nolia Harp comes up with next!

Great Read! 

I really looked forward to getting some quiet time in the evenings to read and see what happens next. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and would have loved even more character development, even for Sam. I would’ve liked a chapter on the aftermath of what happened to Sandi and what the family believed happened and why he spoke as if it were her own doing.
Nolia Harp

About the Author

Nolia Harp, a former Louisiana native, who now calls Texas home, traded swamps and Mardi Gras for cowboy boots and bluebonnets. When the first-time writer is not mothering, wifing, and working, you can find her stressing out about all the dozens of things in between. Her debut novel crosses off one of the many adventures on her bucket list, with the hopes her story will take her readers to a place which makes them forget their troubles for awhile… as it did for her.

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